If you want to contact us, you can do that personally during our office hours (only during the semester, not during the exam period).

General questions? info@ic-cuni.cz
Questions about the Buddy Programme? buddy@ic-cuni.cz

Contact Individual Members of the IC CUNI Board:

Simona Zemanová (Faculty of Arts) – President (president@ic-cuni.cz)
Linda Ristemiová (Faculty of Social Sciences) – Vicepresident (vicepresident@ic-cuni.cz)
Zuzana Semerádová (Faculty of Social Sciences) – Secretary/Vice Local Representative (semeradova@ic-cuni.cz)
Pavla Halamová (Faculty of Science) - Treasurer (treasurer@ic-cuni.cz)
Karolína Wiśniewska (Faculty of Humanities) – Human Resources (hr@ic-cuni.cz)
Alžběta Hamrová (Faculty of Social Sciences) – Communication Manager/Local Representative (hamrova@ic-cuni.cz)