You may know us as the Charles University International Club or simply IC CUNI. Now we take a step forward and change our name to become more unified with the rest of the Erasmus Student Network - present all over Europe!

What is the Erasmus Student Network?

ESN is a non-profit student organisation which consists of local associations at more than 500 universities, Charles University being one of them. Over 15 000 volunteers in 40 countries in Europe work hard to support around 200 000 international students every year. And not only Erasmus students - all kinds of international students!

ESN works for the creation of a more mobile and flexible education environment by supporting and developing the student exchange from different levels, and providing an intercultural experience also to those students who cannot access a period abroad ("internationalisation at home").

Why change the name?

There are many reasons why we changed the name of our association to ESN CU Prague (ESN Charles University Prague).

  • We have actually been official members of ESN since 2011 but that fact was not reflected in our name. Strange, huh? 
  • ESN is well-known in many parts of Europe and its influence keeps growing. We are proud of being a part of such a big organisation and now we can attract more volunteers who already know ESN but did not know us!
  • ESN CU Prague is much easier to pronounce than IC CUNI. Instead of "the international club", it is faster to simply say ESN.

Why the crown in the logo?

Charles IV., the founder of our university, was an emperor and a king. That is being reflected in the new logo.

We are changing our name but our mission remains the same. Should you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us on