„Enriching the local community through the international students’’.

Erasmus in Schools (EiS) is a project led by ESN sections all over Europe as part of Social Erasmus.  It gives exchange students a chance to visit local schools (from kindergartens to high schools) in order to share not only their experiences of mobility and living in a new environment, but also the culture and traditions of their home countries. While listening to such stories, kids learn a lot of new facts about different nations and cultures. More importantly, meeting real people from other countries helps them to see the beauty of our differences and push the boundaries of stereotypes.

Who can participate ?

We welcome all exchange students studying at Charles University.

It is not required to study specifically children’s education or to have a degree in such a field. However, if you do and you want to make this opportunity your new professional experience, do let us know. We can adjust the lesson accordingly.

How does it work ?

Our ESN section cooperates with several different high schools and elementary schools in Prague. Schools share with us their schedules and possibilities to include an exchange student in the teaching process. At the same time, our coordinator collects ideas and availability options from exchange students. Putting these requirements together is a joint effort between the school, ESN CU Prague and of course, the exchange students.

Exchange students can visit the school only once, occasionally or on a regular basis. You can be part of history, geography, language or any other lessons. You can teach the whole lesson yourself or just be there as a guest. There are no limits and everything depends on your ideas, capabilities and on the agreement with the teacher.

You are always accompanied by a member of ESN CU Prague during the first visit of the school. In case of more visits, it is upon agreement.

What is expected from you

Proactivity, motivation and open-mind! It is essential that you share with us your imagination about the lesson, what you would like to teach the kids.

You will prepare the lesson yourself - if it will be a powerpoint presentation, series of pictures, song or dance is again up to you and up to the agreement with the teacher at school. You want to keep the kids entertained!

Our section provides you with full support and offers a second opinion from our volunteers from the Faculty of Education. Any potential expenses are fully covered by ESN CU Prague.

What’s in it for you

  • unique opportunity to visit Czech schools
  • direct interaction with pupils, teachers and staff
  • presentation of your country’s culture, habits, food or dance
  • impact on future generation’s education towards tolerance and cultural awareness
  • new experience in your CV
  • possibility to share your Erasmus experience

Erasmus in Schools is highly valued by the European Union and the National Agencies for building an open-minded and  cosmopolitan generation of pupils, able to understand, communicate and cooperate with people from all over the world.

Do you want to participate in Erasmus in Schools ?

Fill in this application form and we will get in touch with you.

In case you have further questions, contact  our Project Coordinator, via e-mail: erasmusinschools@esncuprague.cz

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