We are a group of volunteers assisting at the registrations of incoming students at some of the faculties. We also organise Orientation Weeks at the beginning of every semester and regular social and cultural activities, as well as trips during the whole year. In general we help the international students with their first steps in Prague.

Buddy Programme

An opportunity for foreign students to get a “buddy” (a Czech student) when they register in this programme. To create your profile simply fill in the name of your faculty and some information about yourself. Your buddy will pick you up at the airport and help you during your first days in Prague. He/she will be your first Czech friend.

Orientation Week and Welcome Party

The Orientation Week takes places a week before the courses start. During the Orientation Week new students have a chance to meet other students and to discover the university and Prague through various activities. Make sure you arrive on time so you can participate.

Tandem Teaching Programme

Students who want to learn or practise Czech or any other language (levels ranging form from beginners to advanced; grammar, tutoring or conversation) can participate in the Tandem Teaching Programme. You can practise new languages while teaching your native tongue in return!

Czech Film Club

We would like to present you the best of Czech cinematography and give you an opportunity to get to know Czech culture in a very comfortable way. We screen a Czech film every week with English subtitles. There is a great variety of genders. Come and enjoy some excellent Czech movies with us!

Social activities

Would you like to test your knowledge, present your country and learn how to greet each other in many languages, have a good time with other students and simply socialise? With ESN you will not get bored. Join us for Beer&Games, Quiz Night, Language Café and Country Presentations!

Art Club

Do you like art? Can’t live without theatre and music? Then join IC CUNI Art Club! We will show you Prague museums and art galleries, English-friendly theatres, take you on the tours throughout the Czech Republic and concerts of all genres! All tours are guided in English.

Let's Explore Prague!

Discover the unknown parts of Prague! Our guide will show you the coolest places that tourists have no idea about. Prague has much more to offer, so get ready to see it from a local's point of view! Join our Facebook group here!


The Czech Republic is a beautiful country with many interesting and historical places and monuments not only in Prague but also outside. Join us for trips to places all around the country and explore the best of it. We will show you some highlights of other countries as well! During each semester there are various trips such as: Olomouc, Terezín, Plzeň, Lidice, Český Šternberk, Karlštejn and many more. We are always coming up with new places to take you to!  

Causes of ESN

ESN addresses causes such as poverty, health, social inclusion and more. Through these activities we offer opportunities for international students to get closer to the local community where they can engage as volunteers. The international students can present their countries for children in schools or kindergartens, teach their native language at a high school or donate clothes that they don't need to a homeless shelter. There are many ways to help the others in need, so why not help together?