The public transport system in Prague is very good and you will likely use it on a regular basis. That's why it is important to get to know how it works. The following sections describe different types of fares and how to navigate yourself around Prague. There are two main types of fares: single tickets and long­term passes.


Single tickets cost either 30 CZK (30 minutes) or 40 CZK (90 minutes). There are other less common tickets such as a daily passes. You can find info about all these faresIt is important to validate the ticket when you get on the bus or tram or when you enter the metro station by putting it into the yellow box. You can buy these tickets in the info cubicles in the metro stations, from drivers in buses (for a little extra fee) and from the big yellow machines at larger tram stops. Many tobacco shops/newsstands also provide these. There is no student discount for single tickets. 

Longterm passes

Single tickets are useful to get around after your arrival, but if you stay for a longer time, long­term passes are a lot cheaper. The types of passes and fees depend on your age:

1. If you are less than 26 years old you are entitled to a student discount.

If you already have your Czech student ID card from the Charles University, you can just register your student card as a travel pass and buy a paper long­term ticket to be enclosed to the card at one of the sale offices of the Prague Public Transport Company. 

Here you can buy your travel pass at the earliest on the next day after issuing your student ID card.
The fees for students are 130 CZK for 30 days and 360 CZK for 90 days.

2. If you are 26 years old or older, you are no longer entitled to a student discount in public transportation in Prague. The fares are presented here.

To get a travel pass, fill in a paper form of the Prague Public Transport Company called “Žádost o vydání průkazky pro časovou jízdenku” at one of the sale offices of the Prague Public Transport Company. Ask somebody for help with filling in the form. The pass is issued at the sale office. You need to bring one passport photo. There is an infamous project called “Lítačka” ­a smart (chip) card used as the transport pass for passengers in Prague. However, nowadays, it is possible to get a simple paper pass without much hassle, so do not bother with that card ;­)

Getting around Prague

Prague transport system changes significantly from day to night. At midnight, the metro lines stop operating until 5 am. During the night you can get around by night trams (lines 5x) or night buses (lines 5xx). The most important night stop is Lazarská, where all the trams meet and you can easily change from one to another. To find the best connection you can use one of the following planners: DPP or IDOS. Both sites have an English version and can be downloaded as apps into your cell phone.

Getting around the Czech Republic

While there is only one transport company in Prague, there are many companies operating in the Czech Republic. To plan your journey we recommend to use IDOS. To find railway connections as well as book tickets online you can use the website of České dráhy. All the companies provide 50% discount from the regular price if you are under 26 and have your student card.