200 CZK discount on renting car from the HoppyGo platform whenever you go with the code ESNCU!

Take advantage of the unique discounts of the HoppyGo platform and rent your dream car for a summer trip easily, flexibly and without unnecessary paperwork. All rentals are insured and have 200km a day.

You can choose from 2,500 cars of various brands and categories for any occasion. Cars are also available in our city and most owners are English-speaking (you can choose only English-speaking owners). You can find the complete offer on the HoppyGo platform website here.

When booking a car, enter the code ESNCU and get a 200 CZK discount on rent. The car is taken over using the smart mobile application HoppyGo. The discount code can be used 10 times on one account. If you recommend somebody, you get 500 CZK credit on the app.

The discount applies to car rental in the Czech Republic.