We want to introduce you to the Erasmus Student Network Charles University Prague (ESN CU Prague) - a group of volunteers which will help you to get through the semestr and offer you to join numerous activities, sports, cultural, events or trips! In case you want to catch up with us, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
If you have any kind of problem, we will gladly meet you in our office - the office hours will be soon published on our social networks. Our office is located in Hybernská 4 and you can buy our Welcome Pack - which includes an ESNcard, Vodafone SIM card and also our amazing branded accessories. 
The ESNcard is a must when stay in Prague - it gives you discounts thanks to our partners such as Ryanair, Leo Express and you also need to have it as the insurance for our trips. You can learn more about the card on its website esncard.org. Vodafone SIM card gives you the first month free usage of 3GB and free sms, you can learn more about it here.
Most importlantly - we prepared for your an Orientation Week starting from 24th of September until 30th of September (but the fun won't stop even after that, don't worry)! IMPORTANT: Some Orientation Week activities require a registration. We will share the link here on 20th September at 10 AM. Have fun filling the form and read all the information carefully! 

Remember: the registration starts on the 20th September at 10 AM!

So #CUinPrague and have fun during the semestr, we look forward to meet you!